SIYAH INCI; has come on the scene with a new perception and approach. Behind exist an intellectual build up and yearning of long years. It has been set off completely in an amateur way. SIYAH INCI was considered as a "Gallery of Art" with the aim to give a place to the names never known but who have reached a perfection in their arts besides the ones known and who have come to a significnt point in their arts. In the end of long research came the time to realize this idea.
"The respect to art" and "the esteem for the artist" are our basic principles. Here for this reason all our products are put up for sale as signed.
SIYAH INCI continues to join every day in the exhibition and sales field the signed works of various artists. At present: "Aynur Onurmen-Mosaic, Devrim Erakalin-Wood Carving, Ismet Keten-Calligraphy and Illumination, Hikmet Barutcugil-Paper Marbling, Loris Medici-Photograph, Deniz Akbulut - Ceramic - Photograph, Server Somuncuoglu - Photograph, Mehmet Gursoy - Iznik Tiles, Selin Okcu - Jewelry made of glass, Shahpur Bahramisad - Miniature"
Our goal as SIYAH INCI is to bring together the real artists with the ones that set their hearts in art. All the same we aim to offer you also many traditional art works with the signature of people, nation on. We will also get you together with a "Telkari"(silver fligree) from Trabzon, a "Uc etek"(three skirt) from Balikesir, embroidery with oltu stone from Erzurum, copper adornings from Erzincan. We will attach the required importance to the Turkish Traditional Arts and we assume this as duty.
At SIYAH INCI where exist nothing without hand effort, there will not only be the sales actvities but there will also be organised exhibitions, sign days, coctails where the artists will meet and auctions.